The Kid with the Carmel Symphony Orchestra

Join the Carmel Symphony Orchestra for a night of virtuosity and passionate performances featuring soloist Francisco Fullana, violin. The evening starts with an exhilarating opening performance of Piazzolla’s “Todo Buenos Aires” (arr. Adams). Piazzolla, a renowned Argentine composer, revolutionized the tango genre with his innovative and evocative compositions. “Todo Buenos Aires” is a musical tribute to the vibrant city that inspired Piazzolla’s creative genius. With Francisco Fullana’s virtuosic and passionate interpretation on the violin, prepare to be swept away by the tango’s sensuality and rhythmic intensity.

Following the Piazzolla selection, Francisco Fullana returns to the stage to showcase his extraordinary talent in Mendelssohn’s “Violin Concerto in E Minor, Op. 63.” A quintessential gem of the Romantic period, this concerto exemplifies Mendelssohn’s prowess in weaving lyrical melodies with exquisite orchestral accompaniments.

After a brief intermission, our concert concludes with a delightful surprise—a live performance of Chaplin’s “The Kid.” Charlie Chaplin’s heartwarming score for his iconic silent film “The Kid” is a charming blend of sentimentality and humor.

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