Films for Live Orchestral Screenings

New : The Great Dictator

Film Hire (except Germany and Italy)

For Germany and Italy, see ‘Contacts’ section below.

  • 3600 € per performance for feature length films, plus return transport costs from London or Bologna depending on the title, and back, plus insurance in case of damage to print during projection (feature print value 3800 € - 4500 €).
  • A reduced fee is possible (2952 €) if the venue holds less than 700 seats and for any subsequent performances within the same month.
  • The film hire fee for The Kid is 2250€.
  • For one short only, excluding Pay Day, the film hire fee is 2000 € (The Idle Class, A Dog’s Life, Shoulder Arms, The Pilgrim, Sunnyside or A Day’s Pleasure).
  • For Pay Day (26 minutes), the film hire fee is 1500 €.
  • For two shorts (which may include The Kid) performed at the same show, the film hire fee is 3600€.

Please tell us if you wish to do a performance for schools or if you need special favours for any particular reason.
We are open to persuasion!


Main Contact

Roy Export S.A.S.
Contact: Arnold Lozano
Tel: +33 1 40 26 31 23
Fax: +33 1 42 36 42 90

Contact for Germany

Europäische FilmPhilharmonie - EFPI - GmbH
Contact: Beate Warkentien
Charlottenstr. 65 I 10117 Berlin
Tel: +49 3027890 194
Fax: +49 30 27890 195

Contact for Italy

Contact: Mario Giovanni Ingrassia
Via Faentina 238B I 50133 Florence
Tel: +39 055 0516760

Film Format (35mm & Digital)

Depending on the title, the films are available in the following 4 formats: 35 mm film print, DCP (Digital Cinema Package), HDCAM or DigiBeta. The quality of the screening is of utmost importance to us, so we insist on DCP or 35 mm print screenings whenever possible. Other formats may be available for small venues, depending on the title.

DCP is the best option. A DCP is a specialist hard disk designed specifically for digital cinema servers to ingest from. A 2K projector (eg. Christie, Nek, Barco, Sony) is required. Projections must adhere to the Digital Cinema Standard according to the DCI standard (see Our DCPs are “open”: we do not deliver a KDM (Key Delivery Message), and therefore do not need your server details.

35 mm is excellent quality, as well, but bear in mind that shipping is more expensive for you and we expect our prints to be returned in the same condition you receive them. For 35 mm, an excellent projectionist and sometimes a variable speed projector, depending on the title, is required. The projection speeds of some of the films (THE GOLD RUSH, THE KID/THE IDLE CLASS, THE CHAPLIN REVUE, PAY DAY) are different from modern day prints and require expert handling. The other films are normal 35mm, 24 frames per second, sound prints (soundtrack= sound effects only), or silent in the case of The Circus, after the opening sequence of Chaplin’s song.

If DCP is really not possible, certain titles are available in HDCAM, which will require an HD projector with HD-SDI input.

We are phasing out our Digibetas and do not recommend them. These are only to be used as a last resort. PAL DigiBeta is preferable to NTSC. NTSC has a blurred effect when someone in the film moves their arm, for example. PAL DigiBeta does not do away with this blurring altogether (DCP DOES) but is nevertheless better.

All films are original version with English intertitles. DCP is the only format we have with subtitles available in certain foreign languages. If you are in a non-English-speaking country and you are not using DCP, or if our DCP does not have your language, you will need to organize electronic subtitling at your own expense. We will provide the English intertitle texts in a Word document to help you do so.

Scores for Live Orchestral Screenings

The scores to City Lights, Modern Times, The Circus, The Gold Rush, Shoulder Arms, A Dog’s Life, and The Pilgrim were restored for modern day orchestral use and live orchestral screenings by Timothy Brock.

The scores to The Kid and The Idle Class were restored for modern day orchestral use and live orchestral screenings by Carl Davis.

Reduced orchestrations (restored by Timothy Brock) of The Kid, The Gold Rush, A Dog’s Life, Shoulder Arms and The Pilgrim to enable smaller venues and musical ensembles to present a film with live music are also available

Music Hire

You also need to apply to our music publishers, details follow, giving size of hall, ticket prices, number of seats etc, and they will establish the music hire (and performance fees if you do not wish to pay performance fees to your local collection organisation). To give you an idea, their music hire is approx USD 800 – USD 1200 per performance, plus shipment costs, (plus a refundable deposit).


Bourne Co.
35 West 45th Street, 2nd Floor
New York, NY 10036
Tel: (212) 391-4300
Fax: (212) 391-4306

The following perusal scores are now available on bournemusic

City Lights - Modern Times - The Circus - The Gold Rush (full and reduced scores) - The Idle Class - The Kid (full and reduced scores) – A Dog’s Life (reduced score) – Shoulder Arms (full and reduced scores).

Scroll down the list until you get to “WORKS ON RENTAL, Orchestra”, where you will find the Chaplin titles in the alphabetical list.

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