The Kid with Timothy Brock and the Armenian State Symphony Orchestra

Transport yourself to the charm of silent cinema on 13 May 2024 at Dubai Opera, where we proudly present Charlie Chaplin’s cinematic masterpiece ‘The Kid.’

Immerse yourself in the endearing story of the Tramp and his unexpected companion, enhanced by the live, emotive soundtrack performed by the talented Armenian Symphony Orchestra and conducted by Timothy Brock.

As the orchestra brings the narrative to life through their enchanting melodies, get ready to rediscover the heartwarming journey of love, resilience, and humor that defines ‘The Kid.’ Join us for a nostalgic evening of film and music, where the magic of Chaplin’s storytelling meets the soul-stirring notes of a live orchestra.

Don’t miss this unique fusion of cinematic brilliance and symphonic artistry. Secure your seats now for an unforgettable experience at Dubai Opera

Performances dates

  • 13 May 24 The Kid with Timothy Brock at Dubai 🇦🇪 show

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