The Gold Rush with George Morton and The Uppsala Chamber Orchestra

Gold Rush from 1925 is the movie that Charlie Chaplin himself was most proud of and wanted to be remembered for.

The tramp is on a gold hunt in Alaska and eventually, against all odds, finds both love and wealth. But the road there is perilous and sometimes tragic and offers, of course, a string of now classic comedy scenes. Gold Rush is an emotional movie about exclusion, love and the final triumph of the weak.

Leading conductor for film with orchestra George Morton, conductor and arranger from England. Since 2012, George Morton has established himself as one of Europe’s leading conductors for film with orchestra. In demand in the UK, Germany and Scandinavia, George provides a wide range of film music, from early silent films to modern feature films.

A sneak preview of the Uppsala Short Film Festival On October 21, the Uppsala Short Film Festival starts and runs until October 27. Start the festival feeling with Chaplin’s Gold Rush and live orchestra!

Performances dates

  • 17 Oct 24 The Gold Rush with George Morton at Uppsala 🇸🇪 show

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