Modern Times (1936)

by Charles Chaplin Musical Arrangement David Raksin and Edward Powell. Musical Director for original recording Alfred Newman
Musical themes used in addition to original compositions: “Halleluiah, I’m a Bum”, “Prisoners’ Song” (C. Massey), “How Dry Am I”, “In the Evening by the Moonlight” (Bland), “Je Cherche après Titine” (Duncan and Daniderff)
Score restored for live performance by Timothy Brock

Modern Times is only available for certain conductors, due to the difficulty of synchronizing the very fast score with the images.


Subjected to the infernal production rate of the factory, a model worker suddenly has a nervous breakdown and goes mad. From hospital, to prison, to unemployment, the Little Tramp gets caught up in the sprockets and cogs of modern industrialization. That is, until he comes across a beautiful orphaned gamine, whom he helps escape from the police. How to break free from the constraints of modern life? Chaplin provides a critical look at productivity in the early 20th century… and well beyond!

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