Shoulder Arms

by Charles Chaplin
Music composed by Charles Chaplin in 1959, Music Arranged by Eric James and Eric Spear.
Scores restored and adapted for live performance by Timothy Brock


Charlie is recruited to the “awkward squad”. Posted to the front line in France, he encounters all the privations of trench life – snipers, flood, food rations, solitude, lice and other vermin. He meets a French girl, whom he subsequently rescues from the German troops. After assuming a series of disguises, he manages to hijack the German Kaiser along with the Crown Prince and General von Hindenburg … but then wakes up, still in the “awkward squad”.

Technical Specifications


Instrumentation for small orchestra (12 players)

Available for very small venues and/or local cultural organisations with low funding. Not available for venues seating more than 700

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