The Kid (1921)

by Charles Chaplin
Music composed by Charles Chaplin 1971, Music Associate Eric James, Orchestrated by Eric Rogers
The Kid full and reduced scores arranged and adapted for live performance by Timothy Brock


The Little Tramp unwillingly takes in an abandoned baby. He quickly softens up to the boy and after a few years, they make their living together as a team. One day, the child falls ill and social services try to take him away… Though this was Charlie Chaplin’s first full-length movie, it was already a masterpiece!

Technical Specifications

Instrumentation for THE KID

Reduced Orchestration for THE KID

Chamber orchestra version
Compiled by Timothy Brock 2013
Available for very small venues and/or local cultural organisations with low funding. Not available for venues seating more than 700.

16 players:
- 1 flute (doubling piccolo)
- 1 oboe
- 1 clarinet (dbl. bass-clarinet)
- 1 bassoon
- 1 horn
- 1 Piano/celesta
- 1 percussionist
- 4 violins
- 2 violas
- 2 ‘cellists
- 1 contrabass

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